Repairs & Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble with any computing device - Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone - then we can help you out.

You'd be surprised how often there's a quick and inexpensive solution for even the oldest and most broken seeming devices.

Prices for repairs and troubleshooting start from £35 - if there aren't parts to buy £35 is often all it costs. We don't charge for assessing the problem and giving you a quote, so you don't have anything to lose by bringing your device in and finding out what can be done.

If you're really lucky the problem might be as simple as clicking a button or changing a setting - if it's something trivial that takes seconds it might not even cost you anything, beyond putting in a good word for us to your friends!

What we can fix includes, but is not limited to:

Desktop PCs, Apple Macs, Laptops & Macbooks

Laptops & Macbooks

Phones, Tablets & iPads


You'd be surprised how often an inexpensive upgrade can give a new lease of life to an old, slow computer. We carry a stock of common upgrade parts that can improve the speed and capabilities of most computers.

RAM Upgrades

If your PC has less than 4GB of RAM it could almost certainly benefit from an upgrade. Not having enough RAM in your machine can make it so slow that it becomes painful to use.

Solid State Hard Drives (SSDs)

The slowest component in any PC or Laptop is the main storage device, the hard drive. Older more common Hard Drives are made up from spinning discs that due to their mechanical nature are vastly slower than any other part of your computer, and as a result hold everything else back when your device could be running much faster.

Recently Solid State Drives have been developed that have no moving parts, and as a result can keep up with the rest of your system drastically better. Replacing the old hard drive on even a 10 year old computer with a Solid State Drive will transform the performance. Starting from around £100 we can fit a new SSD into your PC or laptop, and transfer your existing data over.

Graphics Cards & Gaming Upgrades

The hardware landscape for PC gaming is constantly shifting, and different systems could benefit from different upgrades to make them viable for up-to-date games. If you're looking to spruce up your system then by all means give us a ring on 01983 559112 or drop in to the shop to have a chat about what you have and which games you want to play. We can figure out how to get you gaming for the least outlay possible.